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The 5 DevOps Blogs You Need to Read

With DevOps creating a buzz everywhere and more and more people are becoming interested in knowing what it is, you’ll find a number of blogs doing rounds on the internet giving insights about DevOps. And to be honest, it is very normal too, as, after all, DevOps has taken over the IT world and development like never before.

While you may be looking for the most helpful blogs online that can provide you the maximum information about all the nuts and bolts of DevOps and its continuously updating source code versioning, integration and unified views, at the same time, you may get confused regarding which blog to go for. Therefore, here’s a list of top 5 DevOps blogs that can be of help to you.

The Agile Admin

If you are to look for one single blog that can offer you all you need to know about DevOps, this blog can definitely be the answer as it offers all the necessary information about DevOps. Run by 4 web system administrators, this blog can be a real resource for those who want their hands on the most recent updates on DevOps.


When it comes to finding interesting blogs emphasized particularly on the DevOps mechanics, or the best DevOps tools or the best DevOps practices, this blog can definitely be counted within the top ones. Just as the name suggests, this blog is all about the DevOps culture, the DevOps industry and everything that surrounds it. It also covers topics of the DevOps culture and its effects and implications in the present industry.

DZone (DevOps Zone)

As far as the depth and the quality of the resources are concerned, this blog knows what it takes to impress millions worldwide. Various industry experts here sharing their knowledge about DevOps, you can count on this one for accessing a range of practical and theoretical articles, focused on the deployment of the DevOps tools and its best practices all across the different industry verticals. Every day, new posts and articles are added to keep the readers updated with the latest DevOps trends.

Code as Craft

Created by, this blog simply a gorgeous one, with bold titles, black and white backgrounds with contrasting black and white fonts, and loads of pictures to keep the attention of one stick to it. Well, getting past the aesthetically impressive look of the blog, what you’ll find is countless blogs on the best and latest DevOps practices and trends.

XebiaLabs Blog

Focusing mainly on the discussions of the thought leaders of the industry regarding the continuous updating and changes in the DevOps world, this blog is a giant source of content related to DevOps. From in-depth discussions on various technical factors to ongoing series of blogs, specifically on DevOps, the tons of content that are posted here every week can cater perfectly to your DevOps queries. Bringing up really interesting points, the authors here discuss topics that can keep your brain active for days.

Apart from these five, there are plenty of other blogs that you may find on the internet. However, if it is the maximum information, quality content and detailed information about every latest DevOps trends you’re looking for, you can definitely swear by these five blogs.

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