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Nandish Kumar
We can not deny that Automation has become a considerable part of ourdaily lives and has been one of the in-demand advancements that we alllook up to. Still, it does consist of specific severe warnings about the futureof jobs that humans have currently done. The one good news is that itwould replace not all jobs....
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The course is set to advance your Ansible skills and scale automation through new practices containing focused tools from Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Developing Advanced Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (DO374) is designed for automation content developers to leverage the new, container focused tools from Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to efficiently develop automation that can be managed by the automation controller. Learn recommended practices for automation development using reusable code, advanced playbook techniques, shared execution environments, and preparing for scalable automation with the automation content navigator. The course is an Ansible skills assessment based on prerequisites and learning path. For...
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