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Corporate Training

Empowering Teams To Succeed

COSSINDIA offers best-in-class corporate training programs that empower your team to learn from technology experts, master new skills, and build for the future.

Corporate Training

Build your skills path

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Upskilling is key

82% of employees believe continuing education is important. However, nearly 40% of employees say their employers do not offer upskilling opportunities.


Support the Team

Supported employees are 9x more likely to stay with their employer and over 2x more likely to be engaged at work.


Engage Your Employees

Teams that prioritize employees’ well-being are more engaged, productive, and happy.

Accelerate development, delivery, and value with skilled teams

COSSINDIA partners with Red Hat to provide the highest quality upskilling possible With the increased pace of technology development, teams must have access to training that aligns with their job role, business objectives, and learning styles. With an ongoing investment in updating employees’ IT skills, organizations can see a marked improvement in individuals’ capability and business value. A recent IDC study found that Red Hat trained teams are 38% more productive and are able to deploy new IT resources 59% faster on average.

Some of the quantified benefits of Red Hat training & certification include

three-year ROI.
more virtual machines per staff member.
more productive development teams.
23 - 23%
faster deployment of IT infrastructure.
increase in staff competence with Red Hat OpenShift®.
higher DevOps team productivity.
more efficient IT infrastructure teams.
faster to deploy new IT resources.

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