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Have You Read These 4 Linux Books? If Not, Read Them Now


To become a Linux professional you need have a hands-on experience which you could experience by taking up Linux admin training. Apart from the training the most important thing which can help you to develop your technical skills related to Linux is nothing but the books based on Linux. These technical books will develop your knowledge about the technical issues of Linux. Not only as a newcomer but also as an experienced one you can take advantage of these books.

Top 4 Linux books

1. Sed and Awk by Dale Dougherty and Arnold Robbins

To learn Sed and Awk this is most handy book .If you feel that you know everything of Sed and Awk then also you will be taken to surprise how this book will help you to execute complicated tasks related to Linux in a jiffy.

2. Bash Cookbook by Carl Albing, JP Vossen and Cameron Newham

This book is best for shell script. To become a wise and an efficient system admin you really need to know shell-scripting very well as it will help you use auto pilot mode and the rest heavy work will be executed by your shell –scripts. This book has lots of examples which will assist you to make your auto pilot right and run the system admin.

3. Essential System Administration by Aeleen Frisch

If your goal is to become UNIX System Administrator there is nothing like this book as it has everything you need to learn system administration work. It is full of examples related to AIX, HP-UX, Solaris , Linux and more. It can be your hand book when dealing with Unix.

4. Linux Cookbook by Carla Schorder

This book is there to solve all the problems of a System Administrator. It has covered all that is related to Linux. From installation to managing software, everything can be done with the help of this book.

Along with these books and Linux admin training you can become successful with Linux.

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