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Leap Internship Program | LEAP 5.0

Learn Excel, Act Passionate

Instructor-Led, Job Orientation and Certification

LEAP(Learn Excel, Act Passionate), by LeapAcademy and Prodevans Technologies, associated with RHA.(Red Hat Academy) In this program, the interns will work on live projects in emerging technologies, under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Mishra (Founder & CEO Prodevans Technologies). We are also leveraging the Red Hat Academy program, which is proven to be the best in class to bridge the gap between campus and corporate.

LEAP 5.0 is a Flagship Job-oriented Internship driven program that aims to bridge the acute gap between formal education and the industry by supporting organizations in their efforts to groom skilful IT professionals through a virtual platform. India operations are supported by our technology partner – Prodevans Technologies with its registered office is in Bangalore.

Our Vision is to create equal opportunities for current and aspiring IT professionals through virtual mentoring, thereby providing a global talent pool representing all streams of society for tech recruitment.

Our Mission is to provide a world-class virtual cloud-based platform to students and professionals for them to develop critical employable skills through mentor-guided programs, thus helping corporates recruit skilled graduating students from LEAP 5.0.


The technology landscape is changing at a rapid pace. To cope with it is a challenge – but it also presents an opportunity. However rapid the change, most of the mission-critical production applications still run on Unix & Linux Operating systems. Whatever the software, people bringing in good sysops skills with Linux are still required to keep these applications up and running. The other area that has a massive short supply is Cloud, more so the container technology. What is meant by this is the full stack of all DevOps technologies that make up this ecosystem. Docker, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, CI/CD, and Automation.


What & How of LEAP?

We enrol freshers who are still in their college and bombard them with industry-grade experience. Along the course of 12 to 16 weeks, the interns will get exposure to on-demand industry tech by professionals themselves. The intensive training followed by a live project enables their confidence along with sound technical awareness. So in short, LEAP 5.0 builds them for the industry, not only on a technical ground but also on a cultural level.

The core of the LEAP 5.0 ecosystem is it’s robust Virtual Internship Platform. It is a digital solution for a digital economy, within the ecosystem and students. The Internship Program with access to our modules. Develops both deep technical expertise and broad cross-functional skills in a team environment through relevant mentor-guided virtual projects; and finally Graduates as a well- rounded professional who is career-ready.

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    Virtual Internship Platform
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    Expertise in coss functional skills
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    Career and Industry Ready


From LEAP 1.0 to 4.0 we believe in breaking records and this year we are back with Leap 5.0

Integration of 10+ Technologies

Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Red Hat Certified OpenStack Administrator

Red Hat Certified OpenShift Administrator

Red Hat Certified Kubernetes Administrator

DataBase: MongoDB/MySQL/Redis

Networking and Security

Applied ML: Python(GUI & OOP), Data Preprocessing, Data Cleaning

Programming Language:Python (Basic Till Advance) Full Stack Development


Operating System: Redhat Linux/Ubuntu Linux

And much more……


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    Getting started with Virtualization:5 Sessions [10 Hours]
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    Red Hat Linux System Administrator:13 Sessions [26 Hours]
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    Red Hat Ansible Automation:10 Sessions [20 Hours]
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    Getting Starting with Python:15 Sessions [30 Hours]
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    Getting started with AWS:5 Sessions [10 Hours]
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    ELK Stack:2 Sessions [4 Hours]
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    Getting started with Docker:5 Sessions [10 Hours]
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    Getting started with Kubernetes:5 Sessions [10 Hours]
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    Live Project:4 Weeks, Including 10 Mentored Sessions [~30 hrs]
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    Project Assessment:[~50 hrs]

Students Testimonials

  • We got hands on experience to provide real solutions to real problems which were industry oriented and not some small college level project.

    Joel Louis
  • Blessed to be given an opportunity to gain some industry grade knowledge, and utilised this lockdown efficiently.

    Dinesh Behera
  • It has completely changed the way I work. This internship is definitely a great part for my bright career.

    Jhansi Saketa
  • Here I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship.

    Pranjali Gupta
  • Time is crucial, and doing this internship was one absolute thing I won’t regret in future. The amount of knowledge and experience we gained, cannot be compared. I did the right thing.

  • The journey throughout the internship has been quite amazing. It has added new skills in me which has opened up new possibilities for me in the future. It has been one of the best experiences and I have really learned a lot.

    Sourav Karjee

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