RHCA - Datacenter

  • Red-Hat-Storage-Server-Administration
    Red Hat Storage Server Administration (RH236)

    This course is for senior system and storage administrators who are interested in deploying scalable, highly available storage on off-the-shelf hardware and in cloud environments.

  • Red-Hat-Enterprise-Virtualization
    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318)

    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RH318) teaches experienced system administrators how to use the virtualization features of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® managed through the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization suite.


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  • Sattelite
    Red Hat Satellite 6 Administartion (RH403)

    Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration is 4-day, lab-based course that explores the concepts and methods necessary for successful large-scale management of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® systems. Course participants will learn how to install Red Hat Satellite 6 on a server and populate it with software packages.

  • Puppet
    Configuration Management with Puppet (DO405)

    Configuration Management with Puppet (DO405) is designed for system administrators and cloud administrators who intend to implement Puppet as integrated with Red Hat® products in an operations environment or a cloud computing environment.

  • JBoss
    Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I (JB248)

    Red Hat JBoss® Application Administration I teaches you the best practices for installing and configuring Red Hat® JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. Through hands-on labs, learn the essential, real-world tasks that a system administrator needs to know to effectively deploy and manage applications on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.