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Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Docker & Kubernetes

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Course Overview

Participants in this course will learn how to prepare for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Certified Kubernetes Administrator examination. The entire course is based on Kubernetes clusters built using Kubeadm and Kubernetes version 1.20, so the outline is drawn from CNCF’s CKA curriculum. By becoming certified, administrators can quickly establish their credibility and value in the job market, and companies can hire high-quality teams to support their growth more quickly.

COSSINDIA’s CKA – Docker & Kubernetes certification program to gain mastery over the fundamentals of Kubernetes Administration. This training meticulously equips the aspirants to rigorously prepare for Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exams and get certified.

  • Duration 5 DAYS
  • LecturesTHREE

Certification Exams

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    CNFC’s Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) - Docker & Kubernetes

The audience willing to take up CKA training can opt for a full course or opt for a selection of only courses or Only exams along with more courses according to the prerequisites mentioned below.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

  • To take up this training is Docker Essentials training provided by CloudThat.
  • Knowledge of basic UNIX / Linux commands will be good to have a Valid AWS account and individual credentials to create EC2 instances.
  • Should have the knowledge to create AWS EC2 instances and should know how to access EC2 instances via SSH
  • Overview of why we need Kubernetes and what Kubernetes is?
  • Overview of Kubernetes Architecture.
  • Understand Kubernetes Pods.
  • Understand Kubernetes Services.
  • Learn about State Persistence in Kubernetes.
  • Understand various types of Controllers and how to use them.
  • Creating a Kubernetes cluster with version 1.20 of Kubernetes using kubeadm.
  • Understand Kubernetes Jobs and CronJobs.
  • Understand multi-container pods.
  • Understand Logging and Monitoring in Kubernetes.
  • Setting up Horizontal Pod AutoScaler for Kubernetes Deployments.
  • Understand debugging and troubleshooting in Kubernetes.
  • Setting up Readiness and Liveness probs to self-heal application pods.
  • Understand ConfigMaps and Secrets and use them in Complex Deployments.
  • Understand how to apply SecurityContext at Pod and Container level.
  • Setting up Role-Based Access Control in Kubernetes cluster.
  • Understand how to use user accounts and service accounts in RBAC.
  • Configure network policies to control ingress and egress traffic to a Pod.
  • Installation, Configuration & Validation of Kubeadm Cluster.
  • Understand the Kubernetes cluster upgrade process.
  • Facilitate operating system upgrades.
  • Implement etcd backup and restore methodologies.
  • Know how to configure and use the cluster DNS
  • Understanding Container Network Interface.
  • Understand Workloads & Scheduling.
  • Understanding Kubernetes security primitives.
  • Working with Logging and Monitoring.
  • Deep dive into Kubernetes Control Plane.
  • Troubleshooting your Kubernetes Cluster.
  • CKA Exam overview.
Course Outline
  • Docker FundamentalsGetting Started with Docker
    Handling Docker Containers
    Docker Images from Scratch
    Publishing Docker Images
    Private Docker Infrastructure
    Running Services in a Container
    Sharing Data with Containers
    Container Orchestration
    Testing with Docker
    Debugging Containers
  • KubernetesKubernetes Overview
    Kubernetes Architecture
    Installation, Configuration & Validation
    Kubernetes Pods
    Kubernetes Services
    Application Lifecycle
    Workloads & Scheduling
    Cluster Maintenance
    Networking Deep Dive
    CKA Overview

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator

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