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DevOps Tools

Industrial Training

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Course Overview

The DevOps training course will help you learn DevOps online and master various aspects of software development, operations, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated build, test, and deployment.

In this best DevOps certification, you will learn DevOps tools like Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, and more.

COSSINDIA’s DevOps Industrial Training certification program’s objective is to make Technical professionals with basic system administration skills and operators responsible for managing virtual machines using VMware ESXiTM and VMware vCenter Server®.

  • Duration 5 DAYS
  • LecturesTHREE

Certification Exams

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    COSSINDIA DevOps Industrial Training Certification Exam

DevOps Tools - Industrial Training

The audience willing to take up CKA training can opt for a full course or opt for a selection of only courses or Only exams along with more courses according to the prerequisites mentioned below.

DevOps Tools - Industrial Training

  • Basic knowledge of Linux or scripting is good to have. For this, we provide you with a free Linux self-paced course to help speed up your learning.
  • Prior IT experience would be necessary for learning this technology.
Learners can expect in-depth and detailed coverage of concepts related to DevOps methodology. The course covers major skills, such as continuous integration, delivery and deployment, and DevOps infrastructure, along with learning DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, etc.
Course Outline
  • Linux Troubleshooting IndexBasic Linux troubleshooting commands
    Common troubleshooting tools
    Booting issues
    Hardware details
    Troubleshooting Network Issues
    Kernel panic error
    MBR repair
    fstab repair
    Single-user mode
    IVM troubleshooting
    File system repair
    User & groups troubleshooting
    Linux rescue mode
    Harding the server
    Troubleshooting RPM Issues
    Troubleshooting Kernel Issues
  • Git index Installation And Configuration
    Git Basics
    Creating a repository and Adding Content
     Logging and Repository Auditing
    Tagging and Repository Auditing
    Ignoring content
    Merging and pushing updates
    Working with git hub
    git lab installation, configuration & use
  • Docker IndexInstallation and configuration
    The docker hub
    Creating docker images
    Running containers
    The container Life cycle
    Image and container management
    Redirection ports and volumes
    The docker file
  • Advanced DockerCreating our First Images
    Working with multiple docker images
    Packaging customized containers.
    Running container commands with docker
    Exposing our containers with port redirects
    Docker file directives User and run
    Docker file directives RUN order of execution
    Docker Network list and inspect
    Docker Network Create and Remove
    Docker Network Assign to containers
    Docker events
    Saving and loading docker images
    Image history
    Taking control of our Tags
    Pushing to Docker hub
  • Jenkins IndexCICD concepts
    Installing and configuring Jenkins
    Projects creation
    Testing with Jenkins
    Jenkins dashboard
    User management security 
    Adding a Jenkins slave
  • AWSIntroduction to AWS Course
    AWS Compute Lab
    AWS Storage
    AWS Database
    AWS Networking
    AWS Deployment and Management (Optional)
  • PythonBasic Language Syntax
    Object-Oriented Features in Python
    Exception Handling
    Regular Expression
    Working with inbuilt database support (SQLite)
    itertools and Collections framework
    Socket Programming
  • AnsibleInstall and troubleshoot Ansible on central nodes and managed hosts
    Use Ansible to run ad-hoc commands and playbooks to automate tasks
    Write effective Ansible playbooks
    Protect encrypted data needed for tasks with Ansible Vault
    Use Ansible Tower to more easily manage enterprise Ansible deployments
    Work with Ansible in conjunction with Vagrant in a DevOps environment

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DevOps Tools

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