OSI Days 2017 – Bengaluru

open source


Open Source India brings the open source community to one floor, to explore what’s new and exciting in open source languages, tools, and techniques. Why should you be here? Sharpen your skills, keep pace with evolving technologies, and connect with the thought leaders and energy that drives open source!


Conferences: Our speakers share new approaches, proven best practices, and exceptional technical skills on topics ranging through big data, cloud, IoT, IT management & security, open stack, web development, database and mobile app development. Also hear success stories from CIOs about how they leveraged open source!
• Get expert training for your software developers, IT Implementers, senior decision makers, business heads, CTOs/CIOs, researchers, FOSS enthusiasts through our amazing workshops! • Hear the latest on new and hot technologies including big data, cloud, IoT, IT infra management, OpenStack, web development, database and mobile app development • Meet up with the passionate developers and innovators of open source projects • Get answers about leveraging open source to make your projects even more secure

Workshops: Practical training in the skills, tools and techniques needed to build a solid foundation in the constantly evolving developers world.

Networking & Career Growth: Meet and network with the kind of people who could define your future career and help you become a thought leader.