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Core Python

COSSINDIA Core Python Programming

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Course Overview

COSSINDIA’s Core Python Programming course introduces students to Python, object-oriented programming, and web development. The program aims to teach students Python programming and prepare them for careers in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

This COSSINDIA certification equips the aspirant to grasp Programming in Python, Implementing data types, statements, operators, and strings, Implementing OOPs concept in Python, Creating GUI applications using Python, Connecting with databases, and Implementing TCP socket connectivity

  • Duration 5 DAYS
  • LecturesTHREE

Certification Exams

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    COSSINDIA Core Python Programming Certification

Core Python

  • Those who wish to build a career as a Python developer
  • Students who studied the basics of Python as a subject in college or school
  • Those who want to gain a Beginner to Intermediate Programming knowledge
  • Create your first program in Python IDLE
  • Implement OOPs concepts in your programming
  • Use Arrays, and Data structures
  • Create an application with the support of graphics in Python
  • Implement error handling
Course Outline
  • Python: An Introduction
  • Creating Your First Program in Python
  • Data Types: Classifying Data in Python
  • Implementing Input and Output Operations
  • Operators: Performing Logical and Mathematical Operations
  • Statements: Controlling the Flow of Program
  • Strings: A Sequence of Characters
  • Arrays: Arranging Similar Objects Systematically
  • Implementing Functions in Python
  • Lists and Tuples: Managing Data Systematically
  • Dictionaries and Other Data Structures
  • Recursion and Algorithms in Python
  • Implementing OOPs Concepts, Classes, and Objects
  • Implementing Inheritance in Python
  • Implementing Polymorphism in Python
  • Interfaces and Abstraction in Python
  • Creating a GUI Using Python
  • Handling Files I/O
  • Connecting to a Database in Python
  • Handling Errors and Exceptions
  • Regular Expressions
  • Interacting with Networks
  • Handling Concurrency Using Threads
  • Handling Numbers, Dates, and Time
  • Implementing Expressions, Variables, Quotes, Basic Math operations, Strings: Basic String Operations & String Methods, List, Tuples, Dictionaries, Arrays.
  • Implementing Statements and Functions
  • Implementing OOPS concepts
  • Implementing Exception Handling and Multithreading
  • Implementing GUI Programming using Tkinter
  • Connecting to MySQL Database
  • Implementing connections with TCP and UDP Sockets in Python

Note: The course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, contact one of our training specialists.

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