Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – Online Training

RHCE Training | RHCE Certification


Our LIVE virtual classroom training for RHCE certification offers a highly adaptive, effective and continuous learning model. It allows learners to train from anywhere in the world, with minimal disruption to productivityƒƒ. Access the Red Hat Lab on Cloud for your practice 24x7. Our live virtual training programs will employ a number of strategies from broadcast media to engage, motivate and inspire learners.

Following are the benefits of our Virtual Classroom Training:

  • No geographical presence challenge, anybody including candidates who are having Indian Passport can attend
  • Practice labs available on cloud by RH 24*7
  • Course ware would be delivered to the candidate location by Red Hat
  • A rich virtual learning environment with high production values
  • Training although virtual but exam is classroom based only
  • Practice lab before exam for few days would be provided by Red Hat
  • Seamlessly integrate all components of the learning environment including learning, application and ƒƒpeer collaboration
  • Contain applied work assignments that put learning into actionƒƒ
  • Connect training to your jobs and remain engaged with key projects and opportunitiesƒƒ
  • Better integrate training into your day-to-day activitiesƒƒ
  • Reduce travel-related hassles and improve quality of work life


  • Previous Operating system administration experience is beneficial but not mandatory.
  • Experienced senior system administrators who have not yet certified.
  • Course participants in Red Hat Training who have completed System Administration I, II, and II, or who have completed the RHCE Rapid Track Course.

Target Audience

This course is designed for those who want to broaden their ability to administer Linux systems at an enterprise level.