VMware Virtual Cloud Network: Core Technical Skills

Course Overview

The Virtual Cloud Network: Core Technical Skills self-paced course targets candidates who are new to the industry or entry-level employees looking for opportunities to advance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of VMware NSX®, which is the VMware network virtualization platform. Through a series of targeted, self-paced modules, the student will learn how to perform standard and typically repeated tasks that are delegated by an administrator to an operator or junior administrator.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives: • Explain the basic concepts and features of the software-defined data center and VMware vSphere®
• Define network virtualization and software-defined networking
• Describe the features, components, and basic architecture of VMware NSX-TTM Data Center
• Describe the networking and security capabilities of NSX-T Data Center, including switching, routing, and firewalling
• Explain the implementation of networking services such as DHCP, DNS, NAT, load balancing, and VPNs in NSX-T Data Center
• Monitor the NSX components and objects from the NSX user interface
• Explain the VMware Virtual Cloud Network vision

Target Audience

This course is for network and security operators that work with enterprise networks and VMware vSphere®, and want to learn about NSX-T Data Center.


The course content assumes minimal work experience in the following areas: • 0-6 months of hands-on experience operating VMware vSphere and physical networks.
• An understanding of basic hardware, network, and storage concepts.