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Linux being everywhere in the world of IT makes the role of a Linux administrator very imperative in running this software. A good Linux administrator is always a product of good Linux administration training. This hand on training gives you the ability to prove your potential as a Linux administrator who can take up the responsibility to set up and maintain the server or the system.

The responsibilities of Linux system administrator vary from organization to organization ranging from installing to maintenance, from scripting to managing the projects. As an administrator you are not really there to design new application software but need to comprehend the peculiarities of the software in order to handle it and solve the immediate problems.

To do so you need be well versed in several programming languages like awk, shell, perl etc. Your success as system administrator lies in your capability of comprehending the problem and solving it in no time. This can be mastered through Linux admin training which gives you the opportunity to work in live situation.

There are many responsibilities of an administrator amongst which the most vital ones are:

  1. Responsible for installing and maintaining all software systems and server hardware
  2. Maintenance of all system backup and providing training to all users.
  3. Upgrade the installed software with new version of OS and create new storage.
  4. Ability to troubleshoot when required and work in Linux friendly applications
  5. Monitoring the servers and network communication
  6. Creating file systems
  7. Implementation of policies
  8. Creating security policies for users like firewalls.
  9. Managing the password and identity
  10. To monitor and evaluate everyday system and all resources related to the server.

The problem solving ability is what is sought from a good Linux system administrator. If you have the capability you are ready to take up as a System administrator.

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