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Linux Training in Hyderabad
SELinux or Security Enhanced Linux is an added security mechanism that regularly comes with the Linux distribution. It was first developed by the NSA (U.S. National Security Agency) to implement the Flask operating security architecture. After that a lot of modification was done to make SELinux ultimately public. Although at first look it appears very...
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Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an access control mechanism which is inbuilt in the latest Linux distributions. It is now released for public and the various distributions have used it in their code. Over years it has been observed that most system administrators find SELinux quite confusing and so they prefer to disable SELinux rather...
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Hyderabad as IT Hub Hyderabad has been named as the Silicon Valley of India after Bangalore as many firms have set their operations there. Most of the large multinational information technology giants have set up their base of operation for South Asia. It has transformed itself as one of India’s premier IT enabled service hubs...
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