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Types of Red Hat Certification and Who Can Apply


A current survey of the IT industry has shown that around 75,000 Red Hat professionals are working in almost 162 countries. Most of the IT industries are adopting Linux and Red Hat certificate holders are considered to be the best in deploying Linux Red hat products. The Red hat Certification consider you for certification only when you clear the hands-on and practical exams. The program issues certification for Red Hat products and Linux related skills.


The different certifications from entry level to advanced level are listed for you.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA): An entry level certification that highly focuses on your efficiency at System administration and installing and configuring Red hat Linux products. You need to take up a half day hands-on lab test.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE): Considered as a flagship certification, ittakes you from mid to higher level. You need to clear a performance based test which will judge your capability of working on live systems .This RHCE Certificationwill guarantee your ability to configure the services related to Red Hat.

Red Hat Certified Data Center Specialists (RHCDS): As a RHCDS you have the skills and ability to build solutions in mission critical datacenter using Red Hat.

Red Hat Certified Administrator (RHCA): A master level program which gives hands-on training for senior administrators in Linux. It ensures that you can design and unfold Linux environment. This is programmed for technical seniors who are working in Linux environment.

Red HAT Certified Security Specialists (RHCSS): A more advanced level Red Hat Certification dealing with the security skills while using Linux in the enterprise environment.

Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT): A program for those who are the beginners in Linux environments. You are certified when you take up a performance based test on live system.

Once you have passed 10+2 you can take up the above certification programs. To ensure your possibility to clear the exams it is better to enroll yourself with Linux course. The Red Hat also provides RHCE training that will help you to take the ‘hottest’ certification with confidence.

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